Liverpool Street Station Concourse

Working with our partners, the Abellio Media Centre has identified seven key audiences we can reach.


Around 700,000 people commute to work via our train operating companies every weekday. With an average station dwell time of 30 minutes rail media presents the perfect environment to communicate both brand awareness and more detailed messages across many touchpoints.

Profile example - city workers


Age %
15-24 17%
25-34 26%
35-44 22%
45-54 15%
55-64 12%
65+ 9%

55% married (194)
39% single (140)
30% kids in household

42% rent home (1118)

£150K+ household income
73% ABC1 (i136)

Lifestyle and mindset

Career driven

  • I would like to set up my own business one day
  • I am willing to sacrifice time with my family in order to get ahead

Living the high life

  • In the evening I often go to a bar (cafe, pub, club)
  • I often go dancing

Appearance is important

  • A 'designer' label improves a person's image
  • I pay extra to personalise products to suit my taste and style

Early adopters

  • I am usually the first amongst friends to know what's going on
  • When I see a new brand I often buy it to see what it's like

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Business and international travellers

Using the wide variety of media available we can help target both inbound and outbound customers through the airports Abellio rail services connect to. Whether they are outbound passengers travelling to Stansted who would be perfect for the pre-selling of travel insurance, foreign exchange or duty-free products or the inbound passengers who could be looking for car hire, hotels and travel guides – we can develop, with our media partners, creative ways for your marketing messages to standout.

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Regular sports fans

There's nothing more powerful when it comes to retailing than seeing others like you buying something you might also want or like.

Targeting sports fans, whether that's football or rugby, cricket or athletics each one can provide a tightly defined audience type who can be accessed via our wide range of rail media – and you could even serve interactive and live messages to make your content even more relevant whilst you promote your product or service.

Perfect for betting companies, product launches, media providers (Sky?), phone companies, financial services providers, clothes retailers, estate agencies and those looking to target high disposable income individuals.

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With 2.3 million students in the UK many will be using our rail stations at university locations such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, St Andrews, Norwich, Birmingham, Worcester, London and many more, we offer excellent opportunities to reach this audience. Why not consider targeting students at key times in the year, such as Fresher's Week or travelling to and from uni at the beginning or end of term?

Perfect for financial products such as bank accounts & insurance or music & media subscriptions, off-peak food discounts, and product launches with high social media users & influencers to develop loyalty at an early age.

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Asset rich greys

The over 50s are responsible for over 45% of all UK consumer spending and what they do with their money can have a big impact on the wider economy. We can help target them during their travelling dwell-time and whether it's financial products such as pensions release and dependents' investments, regular holidays both in the UK and abroad, or those long awaited consumer treats (motorbike?) we'll have the right mix of media channels to get your message across and these customers engaged.

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When our customers take a leisure trip by rail, be it for a day or longer, they are keen to glean snippets of information that will improve their valuable time-off. We'll get your restaurant, attraction, artisanal bakery, heritage railway, aquarium, beach, hot/wet weather clothes store in front of them and top of mind.

And if they are off to one of the many airports or seaports we service then the list of relevant products or services becomes even longer!

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Social event goers

Festivals, exhibitions, entertainment events in large stadia, competitions and championships – they all attract large and fairly similar audiences. Through our media we can form mental alliances between what the customers are travelling to see or do with the product or service you wish them to consider. Horrible Histories exhibition and Merlin attractions or BBC's Gardener's World Live and B&Q – we can creatively enable your message to standout.

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