It is our people and our approach that make us different. We know that to succeed as a business, the transport industry must be in good shape. Our way, the Abellio Way, allows our people to achieve their full potential, not only while they are with us, but throughout their entire career; this is our commitment to travel as a whole.

Every day, over 13,000 of our people ensure that 1.2m passengers reach their destinations safely. Without the diligence and commitment of our people, we would not have the reputation we do for customer service and partnership working. We take great care, therefore, to invest in them as ambassadors for Abellio. Our way, the Abellio Way, focuses on talent management and international best practice programmes which allow our people the freedom to achieve their full potential. Abellio people are genuine, innovative in spirit and dedicated to a positive future for travel, this is the Abellio Way.

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