Parent Company

Our parent company, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, has a concession for operating the core rail network in the Netherlands. Nederlandse Spoorwegen develops and operates station hubs and retail facilities, providing end-to-end services and travel information.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen runs 5,500 trains per day on a clockface, regular interval timetable and carries over 1.1 million passengers per weekday. Nederlandse Spoorwegen manages all 380 stations in the Netherlands.

With a punctuality of 93,6% on a five-minute basis, Nederlandse Spoorwegen belongs to the top three of public transport companies in Europe. Over the past few years, the frequency of train services and the range of travel opportunities have increased. Together with partners, Nederlandse Spoorwegen provides a range of other transport modes, enabling a seamless end- to- end journey for passengers.

This has led to an increase in passenger numbers and in customer satisfaction. In the last five years, passenger numbers have increased by over 4%. Customer satisfaction has reached record levels with 75% of passengers ranking Nederlandse Spoorwegen a 7 or higher on a 10-point scale.