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The competition to select the next South Eastern Rail Franchise has started and Abellio is delighted to have been shortlisted.

We have chosen to bid with two partners - East Japan Railway Company and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. We believe this joint venture is best placed to bring operational excellence and innovative solutions for the next South Eastern franchise.

Our bid will combine experience of operating complex and diverse railway services from the UK, the Netherlands, and Japan to increase efficiency and improve performance delivery.

  • Together Abellio, JR East and Mitsui will deliver a safe and valued transport system for the South East because:
  • The Bid Team led by Abellio is very strong, experienced and ambitious
  • Abellio has a vast experience of running successful franchises for many years
  • Abellio, JR East and Mitsui bring proven customer service capability and a history of working well in partnership
  • JR East has the expertise in running urban, suburban and high speed operations, and delivering high degrees of punctuality and reliability
  • Mitsui will bring rolling stock expertise

Your views

  • If you have responded to the Department for Transport's consultation, we would welcome the opportunity to see your response assuming you are content to share it with us. If so, please email a copy to: [email protected]
  • Alternatively you are welcome to send us your views for the new South Eastern rail franchise via the comments box in 'Your opinion'. We will not be able to respond to questions, but all comments will be directed to the relevant members of our bid team for consideration as part of our planning for the new franchise.