Managing Director, Abellio Group

Angelique Magielse oversees all Abellio operations across UK, and Germany. Working for Abellio since 2010, she has held multiple positions including Finance Director, becoming Managing Director in October 2016. With experience across the transportation and finance industries, she has been highly influential in the growth of Abellio.

After completing her studies for Certified Public Auditor/RA with NivRa-Nyenrode University, Angelique continued her studies with University of Amsterdam and received her master’s degree in Business Economics in 1996. She joined the Governance programme at Nyenrode Business University in 2017/2018.

During her accountancy studies Angelique worked for KPMG in a variety of roles, such as auditor, performance manager and trustee, for various clients a.o Arcadis, DaimlerChrysler, NS and Abellio.

When Angelique left KPMG, she became self-employed and worked for several clients in various financial roles, a.o. GDF Suez, NS and Abellio.

In 2016 Angelique joined Abellio and became Financial Director for Abellio Group and soon after Managing Director Abellio Group.