Abellio - Train, bus and bicycle

Future focus

Abellio UK's success has been good for commuters and good for the UK; we're driving progress and prosperity across the country through investment and innovation. We're always looking for new opportunities, new ideas and new ways to benefit society, whether we're expanding into new regions and bringing world-class transport to even more passengers, or we're spending money on our fleet, to make journeys safer, speedier and more sustainable.

Modernising the fleet

We've made a promise to our passengers, and a huge commitment to the UK's transport networks, by investing in our trains and buses. Abellio UK's vision is to always go beyond the A to B, and to see things from the customer's perspective. So instead of cutting back, we're spending millions on modernising our fleet, to make them faster, safer and more spacious than ever before. The upgrading of our trains, the introduction of smart technology, and the improved integration for cyclists is evidence that we're delivering on our promises.

Bidding for franchises

Since winning our first contract in 2003 we've been adding to our portfolio regularly, and expanding around the UK. A large part of our vision involves growing into new regions, so that we can provide world-class transport for more people in more places. In bidding for new franchises, we're able to prove that we can operate rail and bus networks to the highest standard, but that we also understand the value of transport in connecting communities – how Abellio UK's investment and innovation delivers economic and social prosperity to the places it serves.