It is our people and our approach that make us different. We know that to succeed as a business, the transport industry must be in good shape. Our way, the Abellio Way, allows our people to achieve their full potential, not only while they are with us, but throughout their entire career; this is our commitment to travel as a whole.

All Abellio people are an integral part of the communities in which they live and work. Across mainland Europe and the UK, our 14,400 staff reflect the broad cultural diversity of our one million passengers. Between them, our people speak over 30 different languages and represent a wide variety of nationalities, making Abellio a truly international business.

Our executive board also echoes this international diversity because we believe it is important that all Abellio people understand and appreciate the needs of every community that the company serves.

Our people - Group

Dominic Booth

Managing Director, Abellio UK
Abellio UK

Michiel Noy

Managing Director, Abellio Germany
Abellio Germany

Angelique Magielse

Managing Director, Abellio Group
Abellio Group Head Office