Like many other vital industries, public transport has had to respond very quickly to support the national effort to combat the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

As one of the UK’s largest operators of trains and buses we have been part of a co-ordinated plan involving industry partners, Government and our other clients.

We employ 17,000 people in five rail companies right across the UK, and a London bus operation. As we prepare our contingency plans, we have never lost sight of our people’s safety and wellbeing.

As an industry, we have had to make some bold but necessary changes and rail and bus services are being reduced for the safety of our colleagues and our customers. We have also ensured that our services are resilient in such challenging times, and our organisation can be fit again for the future.

While many passengers are rightly playing their part by staying at home, others such as key workers still very much depend on our trains and buses to get to work. We salute the efforts of these people, as well as those of our colleagues, and thank our customers for their understanding.

Our duties at this critical are to protect our people, keep key workers on the move, and help sustain the UK economy.

When we began operations in the UK almost two decades we were keenly aware of these responsibilities – and we intend to stick to them, through thick and thin.