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The Greater Anglia franchise began operating on 5 February 2012 as Abellio Greater Anglia. It provides intercity, commuter and rural train services throughout the East of England, including the Stansted Express. In August 2016, Abellio was awarded the next East Anglia franchise and started operating in October 2016 as Greater Anglia. The franchise will run up to 2025. 

Greater Anglia is responsible for 3,000 employees and operates 1,900 train services per week day, carrying 354,000 passengers a day over 603 miles of track. 

Approximately 8% of all passenger journeys on the UK railways are made with Greater Anglia. 

In February 2013, Abellio Greater Anglia was awarded the Train Operator of the Year award at the annual national Rail Business Awards for 2012.

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