Our plans to improve stations across the ScotRail network mean passengers can be confident that they will be pleasant, secure places with facilities which make journeys easier and more enjoyable. We have surveyed every station to understand the amenities currently available at each one and how they vary in different locations. We then categorised the stations into 10 types ranging from large city stations, to public transport interchanges, commuter stations and small unstaffed stations. Our experience in the UK, the Netherlands and other European countries shows the facilities and assistance customers value and expect varies considerably at each category of station. This depends on how busy the station is and whether it is typically used by commuters, business travellers, by people making leisure trips or for a combination of all three types of journey. As a result, we have identified the investments we need to make at each station to meet customers' requirements.

For example, at unstaffed stations information screens can be particularly important as they may be the only way for customers to know if their train is on time. So we will install screens at 100 stations which don't currently have them. This will mean every ScotRail station will have a customer information system. We will also install new facilities at more than 40 small and medium-sized stations to ensure customers have adequate shelter while waiting for their train.

At transport hub stations serving airports, ferry terminals and major bus interchanges, it is important to take the stress out of journeys by making sure information on connecting transport is easily available. So we will introduce new information desks at these stations with rail staff specially trained to offer advice on onward journeys. We will also include information on ferry and bus travel on the information screens at 30 stations and show timetables for other forms of transport in convenient areas of the station. We understand that it may not be immediately obvious where to go to catch buses, trams and ferries, especially for infrequent passengers. We will make a series of improvements to the pedestrian routes from stations so that access to connecting transport is simpler, better signposted and clearer.

Many of the major city stations will feature similar improvements to interchange stations. We will also significantly improve the station environment at these stations by offering new catering facilities, shops and cafes, as well as new places for customers to work and meet.

At commuter stations, our plans to improve car parking include 1,000 extra spaces at the eight stations where there is greatest need. We will also improve catering services, for example by expanding ticket offices to act as convenience stores as well at over 20 larger stations. At stations without a shop, vending machines will be available. We will make sure there are covered seating areas and provide information on connecting transport at station entrances and exits.

In addition, our stations will provide a consistent standard of security for customers and their property, with every station on the network covered by CCTV. This will mean installing CCTV at 78 more stations, and providing 200 more cameras covering car parks and cycle racks. During the course of the new franchise, we see great potential to build on this 'basic' level of service by working with specialist companies to offer additional facilities designed to fit in with our customers' lifestyle, not just their rail journey. These include business centres with office facilities at city stations; left luggage facilities at larger stations and medium sized 'destination' stations; and collection points for parcel and online grocery deliveries at commuter and city stations. We will also offer new options for travel to and from many stations. For example, we will provide 3,500 additional cycle parking spaces, cycle hire at 10 larger stations and a new taxi booking Cab&Go service.

The effect of our station investment programme will be to provide consistent, high quality facilities customers can rely on to make journeys easier at stations across the ScotRail network.