ScotRail - Passenger story

  • More pleasant and useful stations

The ScotRail network has a huge variety of stations ranging from iconic monuments in some cities to relatively modern town centre buildings and rural halts in beautiful surroundings.

Our experience shows that passengers' expectation of the facilities which should be available varies according to whether stations are large or small, in urban areas or the countryside, and the purpose of their journey. Nonetheless, all stations need to be designed around the common theme of making travel as easy and pleasant as possible and catering for the variety of users and their specific needs. Our investment plans will do just that by offering a consistent standard of facilities at each type of station. After getting the basics in place, we will provide a new range of services which place stations at the heart of everyday life, rather than somewhere people simply catch the train. We also want communities to feel that their stations truly belong to them, so where we can we will open up station land and buildings for use by local businesses and for special events.

Our system of categorising stations, and standardising their facilities accordingly, is new to the UK rail network, as is the breadth of services that will be available and the range of activities stations will be used for. It will not only make ScotRail's stations more attractive, safe, pleasant places to stay and wait in rather than just quickly pass through. It will enable many to become real assets to towns, cities and rural areas across the country.