Community Rail

Becoming part of the fabric of communities

Community Rail Partnerships (CRPs) are promoted by the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) and funded by the following organisations: DfT Rail, Transport Scotland, Welsh Government, Network Rail, Association of Train Operating Companies, East Coast, local councils and transport authorities. We support more CRPs than any other Group in the UK and we have maintained a consistent focus on supporting their development through our operational and Group activities. Through local voluntary partnerships the goal of the Community Rail Programme is to promote the development of community activity. We continue to work hard at developing our work with community groups and all our stakeholders to ensure we are delivering services that meet everyone's needs.

We have been very active supporters of the Community Rail Programme, providing funding, but more importantly encouraging employees to have innovative ideas, provide resources and 'elbow grease', and to build sustainable partnerships with the local railway communities and the people who use the network.

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Fixing the link

Changing places by developing a door-to-door solution to travel

What does society expect of us as a passenger transport provider?

In many ways the answer is simple: we are expected to facilitate the movement of people. The challenge we face as an industry is to ensure that we understand the changing expectations of society and that we continually explore opportunities to innovate and deliver on those expectations. In 2013, Abellio jointly with the Campaign for Better Transport launched the publication 'Fixing the Link'. We believe the Fixing the Link methodology responds to the expectation of society by enhancing the contribution that train companies can make to the economic prosperity of local town centres and high streets.

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Energy, climate & pollution

Through its services, Abellio aims to offer a sustainable alternative to the private car. Abellio seeks to minimise its impact on the environment to the greatest extent possible by complying with all recognised and required standards and actively seeking business cases for investment to exceed them. This is in line with clients' and communities' aspirations, as well as Abellio's Values. It is also important to our clients and our customers (both existing and potential) that we capitalise on public transport's inherent environmental advantages over car travel, and build and improve rail's environmental credentials. Research undertaken by Abellio, and supported by independent research by Passenger Focus, revealed that the travelling public understands many of the environmental advantages of using rail. However, that understanding needs to be translated into changes in travelling behaviour.

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Water, waste- Recycling & supply chain

Our companies use a significant amount of water, particularly in vehicle cleaning, and we recognise our responsibility to use this precious natural resource carefully and efficiently. Like any business, we and our customers produce waste. We are committed to minimising waste and recycling as much as possible, and work closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet our ethical standards.

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