West Midlands Train launch group shot

We've achieved amazing things since we first started winning bids, and a secret of our success has been our approach to building partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders.

By working with the very best, we're able to keep our services and our industry at the cutting edge. Whether we're running our existing franchises or looking to win new bids, the relationships we've built with transport operators, service providers and industry bodies plays a crucial role in our success.

Who do we work with?


Serco is an international service company with an outstanding record. They advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems and – most importantly – deliver to the public. Their success in improving essential services lies in their ability and expertise in managing everything from people and processes, to technology and assets.

Abellio UK has a 50:50 joint venture with Serco to operate Merseyrail, one of the country's busiest networks, and together we deliver one of the best performing rail services in the UK.

JR East

Also known as East Japan Railway, JR East are collaborating with Abellio UK in operating West Midlands Trains. As one of the world's most innovative and experienced transport providers, JR East are a fine example of how Abellio UK carefully selects its partners to make sure that we deliver for passengers and stakeholders, and continue to work with the very best.

In our current bid for the South Eastern franchise, Abellio UK are collaborating with JR East again, following on from our success with West Midlands Trains.


Mitsui is a global conglomerate working across various sectors, from infrastructure to energy, and has spent years investing in improvements and innovation on the UK's rail network.

Abellio UK and Mitsui have a proven track record of working together, having collaborated in a joint venture to operate West Midlands Trains since 2016, and own a 40 percent stake in the Greater Anglia franchise, which has opened the door to an ambitious programme to transform the network.

Network Rail

We also work closely with Network Rail, owner and operator of the majority of the UK's national railway infrastructure, to deliver easier journeys every day for our customers.

In addition to working with them across the UK on infrastructure operations and initiatives, we're also a part of the ScotRail Alliance, which sees Abellio UK, our ScotRail team and Network Rail Scotland Route working together and collaborating on common aims and objectives, whilst being led by a single managing director and senior management team.