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New report on future of Scotland's railway

We are pleased to share a new report by Tom Harris, the former UK Transport Minister, on the future of Scotland’s railways. Whilst commissioned by Abellio, “Is Scotland on the right track?”, was researched and written independently, using new public polling conducted by Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research.

Amongst the key findings from the report are:

  • Private sector investment in the railway industry has delivered proven benefits
  • There should be more focus on delivering on passenger priorities, primary amongst which is value for money
  • Government and industry should provide more clarity on the layers of responsibility across the rail network
  • Network Rail should reorganise its own structures on a more localised basis

Responding to the report, Abellio said:

“It is important there is a robust evidence-base to support informed debate about how we deliver the best railway Scotland has ever had. Tom Harris’ report is a very welcome contribution to that debate, setting out clearly the benefits of private sector investment in our railways and the case for more local decision-making as we work to deliver easier, reliable, and affordable journeys for customers every day."

Read the report in full here.