New train rendering

Abellio is driven by our customers - to deliver efficient, high quality and innovative services for them. We are an established, respected and forward-thinking group with a vision to drive progress and prosperity in communities and regions in the UK.

Investing in the UK to deliver easier journeys

We want to continue to deliver world-class services for passengers and improve the quality of life in the communities where they live and which we serve.

We are overseeing a once-in-a-generation £3bn investment in new trains across all our franchises which will transform the UK railway for the long-term good, delivering more seats and faster journey times. This investment will add more than 200,000 seats to the UK rail network, providing much needed additional capacity to meet growing demand and improve connectivity across the country. This investment includes:

  • A £475million investment in Scotland with 70 brand new class 385 trains and 26 high speed trains being added to our ScotRail fleet
  • A £1.5bn investment to help transform the Greater Anglia railway, including 111 new Bombardier trains and 58 new Stadler trains
  • A £460million project to replace the current Merseyrail fleet by 2020 with 52 new four-car Stadler trains
  • A £680million investment in the West Midlands through 107 new Bombardier and CAF trains

Making progress for our customers every day

What does that look like? It means easier journeys for our customers every day – in safety, punctuality, reliability and affordability. Abellio's UK vision is to always go beyond the A to B, to always look at things from the perspective of customers and focus on what we can improve for them.

We know our customers have choices and that their expectations of convenience and ease rise daily. That's why we think beyond the train or bus and consider the full customer journey from door to door, delivering ways to make trips to and from stations easy and comfortable, as part of a seamless experience.

Our services are for all and therefore accessible travel is important to us, so we want to ensure we provide assistance to those who need it most when travelling.

We want customers to choose us.

Passionate about helping the UK prosper

We believe in delivering public transport services that create economic and social prosperity – connecting people to jobs, services, experiences and each other and creating a more sustainable future for all.

We've made a promise to our passengers, and a huge commitment to the UK's transport networks, by investing in our trains and buses. Instead of cutting back, we're spending billions on modernising our fleet, to make them faster, safer and more spacious than ever before.

The upgrading of our trains, the introduction of smart technology, and the improved integration for cyclists is evidence that we're delivering on our promises and helping the UK prosper.

The investments we are making in new trains will create wider economic benefits that extend beyond our customers. They will boost the UK's economic output and growth, support the creation of new jobs and reduce congestion on the road network by persuading more people out of their cars.

We believe in and benefit greatly from collaboration. We run our businesses in a way that is sustainable for society, while working with our partners and the communities we serve to achieve the potential of public transport.