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At Abellio UK we delegate the day to day management of our businesses to the operating companies and their executive teams. So for the most part, we let operating companies get on with running their businesses, and focus instead on agreeing targets and setting expectations around decision-making and the way companies are being run.

Abellio UK's purpose is to deliver easier journeys for customers every day, and with our support, operating companies can achieve the highest levels of performance. Our aim is to be a force for progress and prosperity in the UK, and the way we manage our companies is integral to our success.

Our leadership framework

To help operating companies meet our expectations, we've developed a leadership framework that sets out the core capabilities and behaviours we want to see at the top of our organisations.

Abellio UK's leadership framework informs our recruitment, learning and development, performance management, talent management, and succession planning. It helps us make sure that the people running our businesses embody our values, and that our customers and the services they depend on are in safe hands.

There are six core leadership qualities that we expect to see in a leader at Abellio UK.


We expect our leaders to be ambitious and confident, seeking challenges and taking pride in achieving great things for themselves and the teams they lead.


Our leaders need to be inspirational, visible, and able to foster a positive spirit in their company. They need to be self-aware and show great integrity, knowing how people think and how to communicate with presence and influence.


An Abellio UK leader creates a culture of customer engagement, and makes decisions based on evidence that help us to improve the customer experience. They're goal-oriented, resilient, and determined to deliver.


We expect our leaders to be able to see the wood for the trees. They need to be forward-looking, making informed strategic decisions focused on sustainable success, and shape the company to be flexible and agile.


Respect is crucial. Abellio UK needs its leaders to be respected, and to respect the people who look up to them. This means valuing their teams, investing in individuals, and empowering people to help them achieve.


We always expect our leaders to build relationships across the business with key stakeholders and partners, showing strong ethics and political sensitivity. By working with others, they add value for the customer and the business.